Family Preservation

Supporting Families in Crisis

Family Preservation is a home-based, intensive therapeutic service for high-risk families designed to prevent out-of-home placement or prepare a family for reunification. Chins Up’s family preservation services are modeled after the National Family Preservation Network’s definition of Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS).

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Who should receive this service?

Families who are in crisis or experiencing major struggles in functioning. Families with youth in the home who are acting out. Family preservation can work with parents, relatives, guardians, and foster parents.

Location: 10190 Bannock St. Suite 120
Northglenn, CO 80260

Telephone: (303) 237-6865


School Hours: M-F: 8am – 5pm

What Can Be Expected?

The FP specialist will work within a home-based model of service delivery, providing treatment where problems actually occur. The interventions are scheduled on a weekly basis, averaging 3-6 hours per week. Appointment times are flexible and based on the family’s needs – including evenings and weekends. However, there are an FP therapist available 24 hours/7 days per week for crisis assistance as needed. The FP therapist will work to stabilize family functioning and address safety risks. The FP therapist coordinates the services within the scope of the school systems, court, and social services. The target length of treatment is 2-6 months. However, follow-up services are available for one year after discharge to aid in long-term success.

IFPS Services

The Goal

IFPS services are designed to support families in crisis in which children are either at imminent risk of placement or have been placed out of the home. The goal of IFPS is to keep children safe and avoid both unnecessary removal and long separations from the family in out-of-home care.

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