Trevor and Heather have been part of our agency since February of 2019. They are a warm, enthusiastic couple that have a heart for teenage girls. While many foster homes, especially those with the end goal of adoption, focus on younger aged children, the Hopkins-Bowers family have felt called to welcoming older girls into their family. Though they love younger children and are raising two toddlers of their own, Heather and Trevor feel they have the ability to really connect with older children and Heather was excited to build mother-daughter bonds. They are able to provide a stable, caring, and understanding environment for girls that are in need of a loving and consistent home. They have exhibited an incredible amount of patience as they have navigated the unique needs of each child they have had in their home including finding appropriate mental health services, learning how to manage health needs like diabetes, and fostering trusting relationships with children who have a difficult time building healthy attachments with the people in their lives. Heather and Trevor have had two placements and are in the process of finalizing the adoption of their very first placement. They have emphasized the importance of building strong relationships and have been a key player in their foster daughter maintaining contact with her younger brother. Heather and Trevor have invited her brother to participate in family celebrations such as birthdays and the Fourth of July, even having him stay for weekends at a time. Heather is passionate about her role as an educator at Colorado State University- Pueblo and is pursuing her Master’s for a degree in childhood development and has plans to pursue her doctorate as well. Trevor works in a bank and enjoys being engaged with his family. They are hoping to grow their family by at least one more teenage girl in the near future.