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Griffith Centers for Children has held a tradition of caring for children and families throughout Colorado since 1927. Due to natural wear and tear, our J. Wilkins Opportunity School facilities and program equipment need an update. Our staff pours their hearts into our students every day, but with a weathered roof, outdated facility resources, and worn-out classroom equipment, it’s time to give back to our beloved school building.


Our campaign goals combine the needs of our facilities with our passion to provide educational opportunities, thus achieving our mission of serving at-risk students.


The first and most important project on the list is replacing the J. Wilkins Opportunity School roof. The unpredictable Colorado weather has enhanced the potential for leaking in the building. In addition to the roof replacement, we are also in need of an HVAC system replacement.


With fresh paint, reinforcement of the walls, and restroom upgrades, the inside of the school will bring a warmer and more welcoming environment for students to enjoy. Once the interior construction portion is complete, we can focus on updating classroom furniture and supplies!


Providing a space for students to escape the trauma they’ve experienced allows them to focus on educational goals. After the interior renovations are finalized, our focus will transition to creating additional space for more students to receive the individualized education and assistance they need.


The safety of our staff and students is a top priority. Creating a secure environment for students helps them feel safe and able to focus on educational goals. To ensure the continued security of our facilities, we are replacing the interior and exterior doors.



J. Wilkins Opportunity School has filled the gap by educating at-risk youth in the Pikes Peak region for decades. With a 1:5 staff to student ratio, each child can receive the assistance they need. Our educational services go the extra mile by combining an individualized school program design, behavioral testing, and academic excellence to allow each student to achieve their academic goals.

Uneducated and unable to find employment, these children would likely look for alternative ways of earning money on the streets. J. Wilkins Opportunity School is committed to helping children avoid these outcomes by providing the educational services necessary to give any student the opportunity for a brighter future!

"An excellent education is not possible without the strong partnership of students, parents, and staff. We encourage these positive collaborations so that we can continue to give our children an opportunity to become self-motivated learners and productive citizens."


– William Sanders

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