Motivating and Empowering Students

Advocate Success for Kids is committed to maximizing students’ educational potential inside and outside the school.

The program promotes academic achievement, attendance, good character, and responsible decision-making. We achieve this through teamwork, assessments, and monitoring students’ progress throughout the school year.

Good character, attendance, and responsible decision-making are the hallmarks of success.

Our counselors motivate and empower students while creating individualized plans that focus on the strengths of the individual and family. Through a wrap-around and advocacy approach, the intervention model increases student engagement at home and in the school.

A.S.K. counselors provide counseling for individuals and their parents to address challenges such as behavior problems, academic failure, attendance, trauma, grief and loss, peer problems, and challenges with family relationships and communication. Advocate Success for Kids is committed to maximizing students educational potential both inside and outside of the school setting.

The Griffith Centers Truancy Prevention Program is a comprehensive counseling program for students who are truant or in need of extra support to succeed in school. The program will promote academic achievement, attendance, good character, self-development, and responsible decision-making. We achieve this by working with the student, parents, and educators, assessing and monitoring the student’s progress throughout the school year. This counseling model includes the following areas:

  • consultation with teachers
  • meetings with staff and parents to enhance effectiveness in helping students
  • providing in-home therapy, mentoring, and psycho-education

RELOAD is a curriculum designed to target students who are currently truant, lacking the credits to graduate, and struggling to utilize school resources. The curriculum consists of 12 individual sessions (3 months). Each session is intended to provide students with the skills and resources to achieve short and long term academic improvement and self-development. Students will develop an individualized education and a career portfolio is developed.

The primary service of our school-based program is individual therapy. During these sessions, clinicians will help students across numerous challenges. This can include trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. Clinicians can provide mental health services unique to each student’s needs in an easily accessible location, right at their school. Treatment goals are mutually agreed upon by the student, their family, school staff, professional teams, and the school-based clinician.

A.S.K. provides services to students and school districts throughout Colorado. Contact us to schedule a consultation or to learn more.

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School Hours: M-F: 8am – 5pm