Griffith Centers provides a comprehensive continuum of therapeutic treatment and academic services across Colorado.

This continuum allows for consistency of treatment providers and support as children, families, and adults move through services and levels of care. Our continuum of care offers outpatient services such as individual, group, and family therapy, family preservation services, foster homes, day treatment programming, independent living, emancipation services, and residential treatment, including 30-day assessments.

Our programs are licensed and nationally accredited to serve children and adults. Today we can provide healing and hope to thousands as a nonprofit agency.

Our Services

Our mission is to provide mental and behavioral health services to promote hope and healing for under-served populations, supporting children, adults, and families.

Griffith Centers specializes in treating behavioral and mental health issues through various programs, serving children, adults, and families. Our services are structured to meet the specific needs of everyone with the belief that each person can heal, find hope, and build resilience. We meet our clients where they are with an attitude of acceptance, compassion, and nonjudgment.

Service Oriented
Serving clients’ needs through valuable programming and exceptional care.
Promote Psychological and Physical Safety

We provide a safe environment for healing & acceptance, for our clients & our teams.

We actively engage in honesty, integrity, fairness, and fidelity in all we do.
Passionate for Our Mission
We are dedicated to our service, our clients, and our mission.
We are team players and better together as an organization

Better Together.

Griffith Centers is committed to helping families thrive through adverse conditions, but we cannot do it alone. Your support will help families move forward through troubling times and significantly impact our underserved communities.